Numbing Creams Makes You Forget the say “No Gain Without Pain”

We all love body art but yes one need a heart for going under the needle. Many of us just drop the idea of getting tatted just because inking body is certainly a painful procedure.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Standard Strategies


Natural ageing process is inevitable and best you can do is age gracefully. Read on for best anti-aging skincare strategies you can practice!

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3 Reasons to Choose Numbing Cream for Micro Dermal Piercing


Since micro dermal piercing involves lots of pain, it becomes vital to use a quality numbing cream to minimize the pain. Keep on reading to know why you should get one for you!

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How Do I Choose the Best Numbing Cream?

woman with sun-shaped sun cream

You have decided to ink down your favorite tattoo, but are not sure about which numbing cream to apply? You don’t really need to spend time thinking too much about it as your tattoo artist might probably have the product stocked. But if you are a tattoo artist, then you carefully need to decide upon the product that gives best results without adversely affecting your clients. Read along to know how.

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How Do I Apply Skin Numbing Cream?


Does your cosmetic procedure hurt? Mechanisms involving hair removal, body piercings and tattoos are sure to cause pains. The time when your skin hurts, you can very easily apply topical anesthetics such as skin numbing creams to make the pain bearable. These topical anesthetics contain various chemicals such as lidocaine, prilocaine and benzocaine that act on the nerve endings in your skin and create a numbing effect.

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Inappropriate Use of Skin Numbing Products Can Be Deadly

There are a variety of skin numbing products available in the market today. They help in alleviating the pain associated with tattooing, waxing or body piercings in varying degrees. However, for procedures involving more than an hour’s time, these products are likely to cause more harm than benefit, especially if used without the supervision of an expert.

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Common ways of numbing the skin effectively

If you are preparing for a skin procedure such as waxing, tattooing or piercing, here are some options for numbing the skin.

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Reasons to use Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Skin Removal

Alright, so the pain of laser hair removal is too much for you to handle? Numbing cream is just what you need. But wait a minute, it can work much more than you imagined. Read along to find out more.

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Which numbing cream is best for laser hair removal?

The pain and discomfort people experience with laser hair removal basically depends upon the type of skin, the density of hair to be removed, area to undergo treatment and most importantly the ability to resist pain.

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Reasons to use Numbing Cream for Laser Skin removal

Cosmetic and medical process of heating hair follicles with laser beams is known as laser hair removal. Hair follicles are responsible for the re-growth of hair.

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